Novaland is a new generation of high accuracy fertilizers

Every year, the natural lands in the world are being filled by wastes coming from chemical fertilizers.

Billions of years ago, the best formula of bacterial action, primary life generator for plants and food while providing the best protection against harmful factors could be found in nature. But the use of chemicals by mankind has totally destroyed that ideal self-productive life system. People are contracting more and more new diseases every year which is harder to deal with for the immune system. Hazardous environments are created in which humans fill the soil with elements that later will be absorbed by plants and may cause unhealthy side effects when ingested. People need to realize and understand this and create new laws of life to restore our environments so that these plants return to an organic, disease free healthy food source and lifestyle.

Plants and food are human’s life force, and they must be how nature made them and how our genes remember them.

Novaland is the key to start the recovery of a clean and healthy path. We have begun to build a new path in the rules of plant cultivation and form new formulae’s for its food. This must be the day of tomorrow and the rebirth of healthy plantations.

We believe the strengths of Novaland to be the first step in innovation, the first step to substitute chemicals by natural processes of nature on which our civilization stands and its science’s achievements based on.

Land Green & Technology Co., Ltd.