About Us


Land Green & Technology is a company based in Taiwan that is focused on innovating advanced technology, approaches and methods in organic farming.

Human minds are capable of formulating the most spectacular ideas possible. Every new idea brings progress, evolution, hope and a new vision. This is how we humans have developed, is developing and will develop. Taiwan is one of the world's leading countries where new innovating ideas and technologies are formed, created and implemented worldwide. Land Green & Technology follows this principle and dedicates itself in developing cutting-edge technologies, methods and products for the agricultural industry.

We believe that greenhouse farming is the solution for the food crisis that we soon, if not already, will all be facing. We plan to combine scientific and commercial approaches, using greenhouses and aquaponic systems, along with our organic nano-fertilizers, we are able to run experiments and carry out studies to discovering the ideal growth (nutrient) medium formulas for different kinds of crops.

The newest service we here at Land Green & Technology provide is a platform for distant gardening for individuals, researchers and parties around the globe. We believe that bringing all kinds of great minds together will speed the process of discovering new nutrient medium formulas and determine factors to increase plant growth speed and growth quantity. We intend to develop as the Green Technologies Center, to help, provide and bring together the scientific communities from different countries.

Land Green & Technology Co., Ltd.