Cybernetic system of plant growth factors management and control Formula-G1

Nowadays market suggests many innovative systems which can be used in agricultural sector for plant cultivation purposes. The key difference that distinguishes Formula-G1 from other projects is its ability to unify both - an innovative plant cultivation system, and the new generation research center with more than 600 remote control phyto laboratories (plant incubators). By logging in to Formula-G1 end user is able to grow plants remotely from any place of the World, which has connection to Internet.

Formula-G1 is also a platform, which can be used to find optimal nutrient solutions with potential application in the space programs, including NASA programs of plant cultivations on the Moon and the Mars. The Formula-G1 will allow end user to remotely monitor, control and manage the processes of plant growth in space conditions.

Our team believes that Formula-G1 will allow users to prepare remotely a variety of new nutrient solutions, or use market existing products to conduct research in real time, so that everybody can determine the best factors of the plant growth. This platform aims to unite scientists from different countries, as well as to create a platform, which can be used by students and scholars from all over the World. Everybody who is interested in application of the most innovative technologies in the process of the plant growth has an opportunity to participate. Formula-G1 also provides for specialized programs focused on participation of people with disabilities as well.

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