Cybernetic system of plant growth factors management and control Formula-G1

Nowadays market suggests many innovative systems which can be used in agricultural sector for plant cultivation purposes. The key difference that distinguishes Formula-G1 from other projects is its ability to unify both - an innovative plant cultivation system, and the new generation research center with more than 600 remote control phyto laboratories (plant incubators). By logging in to Formula-G1 end user is able to grow plants remotely from any place of the World, which has connection to Internet.

Formula-G1 is also a platform, which can be used to find optimal nutrient solutions with potential application in the space programs, including NASA programs of plant cultivations on the Moon and the Mars. The Formula-G1 will allow end user to remotely monitor, control and manage the processes of plant growth in space conditions.

Formula-G1 consists from the five blocks as following:

  1. The block of water and its treatment unit;
  2. The block of liquid nutrients dispensing;
  3. The block of gas storage and its supply to reactor;
  4. The block of nutrient formula final preparation (reactor);
  5. Plant growth factors controlling block.


1) The block of water and its treatment unit


The first element of the Formula-G1 is water. The water used in Formula-G1 has different properties, and is stored in five different tanks.

  • Tank No. 1 – urban water;
  • Tank No. 2 – rainwater;
  • Tank No. 3 – distilled water;
  • Tank No. 4 – water from the aquaponics system;
  • Tank No. 5 – “light” water exposed to technology of deuterium removal. Water in this tank has also selection options for PPM in the range of 0 to 150.

Formula-G1 user has an option to additionally select and research the change of water properties with application of magnetization, electrolysis, low-frequency sound, and UV disinfection.

2) The block of liquid nutrients dispensing


The second important element of the Formula-G1 is dispensing system. The dispensing system includes ten different dosing devices. Each dosing device can prepare nano particles according to their selected size (from 1-30 to 750-1000 nm).

One dosing device contains 25 containers, so that the end user can choose 25 different nano elements, as well as to select their size and volume to create the perfect nutrient solution. Formula-G1 also provides for application of ready-made nutrient solution for testing.


3) The block of gas storage and its supply to reactor


Certain gas is important element to prepare the perfect nutrient solutions for plants. Our gas block consists of nine different types of gas. With Formula-G1 user can select one or couple of different types of gas and its volume for further mixing and supply to reactor. One of the biggest peculiarities of this block is ability to use gas with different isotopic compositions (12C, 13C, 15O, 16O, etc.)

Currently, Land Green & Technology is also working on the possibility of saturating the gas with different nano-particles of specified size.       


4) The block of nutrient formula final preparation (reactor)


The fourth element of the Formula-G1 is a mixing system. In order to mix water, nano elements, gas and other components together, we designed a reactor, which combines different controlling functions: mixing speed, temperature and pressure in reactor, electrical conductivity, pH control.

After mixing, ready nutrient solution is supplied to the phyto laboratory, where the end user can control the plant cultivation factors.

5) Plant growth factors controlling block

The fifth block of the Formula-G1 is a system of more than 600 remote control phyto laboratories, which basically perform as plant incubators. Land Green & Technology has developed phyto laboratories for both short growing (radish, lettuce culture, etc.) and long growing (tomato, cucumber etc.) plants.

Each phyto laboratory combines three independent growing boxes for plant growth. There are four separate tanks in the lower part of the phyto laboratory, which designed to supply nutrient solutions to each growing box. For each of the four tanks, the nutrient solution is prepared individually. As such, each tank corresponds to each of the three growing boxes, and each tank contains independent nutrient solutions with predetermined formulas for each growing box.  The fourth tank below the phyto laboratory, however, is universal tank that combines such solutions as water, pesticides and other nutrient elements for their supply on the root or stem parts of plants located in all three growing boxes.


Formula-G1 also provides opportunity to control and monitor liquid temperature inside each of the four tanks.

Each of the three growing boxes within the phyto laboratory is divided into two independent sections. The first section designed to control factors of the root growth, and the second section of the growing box designed to control the factors aimed on the stem part of the plant.

  • The "root growth" section combines four types of feeding: hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation and cold steam supply. Formula-G1 provides the opportunity to control factors aimed on the root growth, including temperature, humidity, gas supply, and UV lighting.
  • The "stem part growth" section designed from hermetic materials, and through application of multiple sensors and other embedded devices allows end user to control lighting, temperature and humidity near the stem, concentration of gas, create vibrations, perform the induction of magnetic field, use low-frequency sound, monitor effect of music on the plant growth, etc.

Formula-G1 also provides for unique lighting system within the phyto laboratories. The user can remotely set the operating time, brightness parameters and control the light spectrum in nano meters in real time - Formula-G1 applies newest lighting systems, which combine eight colors and distribute them into 256 spectrums.

Simultaneously, Formula-G1 provides for opportunity to observe the dynamics of the plant growth: weigh them, measure the photosynthesis parameters and so on. To better satisfy the needs of our customers, we installed numerous sensors within the growing boxes.

Our team believes that Formula-G1 will allow users to prepare remotely a variety of new nutrient solutions, or use market existing products to conduct research in real time, so that everybody can determine the best factors of the plant growth. This platform aims to unite scientists from different countries, as well as to create a platform, which can be used by students and scholars from all over the World. Everybody who is interested in application of the most innovative technologies in the process of the plant growth has an opportunity to participate. Formula-G1 also provides for specialized programs focused on participation of people with disabilities as well.

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